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Latest pictures from Gornergrat

Pictures FromGornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland

Summit 3,135 meters

The Gornergrat summit is a few kilometers from the alpine village of Zermatt and can be reached from Zermatt by the Gornergratbahn railway (German: Gornergratbahn).
Looking down from the Gornergrat summit the Gorner Glacier (German: Gornergletscher) is seen below with the Monta Rosa beyond it, and further to the right side is the Matterhorn.

Pictures FromGornergrat Bahn

Summit station 3,089 meters

Gornergrat Station is the last station and the final destination of the Gornergrat railway (German: Gornergratbahn).
From Zermatt's railway station up to the Gornergrat summit it is about a 35 minutes train ride, using the Gornergratbahn (English: Gornergrat railway).
The Gornergrat Station is holding the record of being the highst (3,089 meters) open air train station in Europe.