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Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Cable car Terminal 3,820 meters

The Klein Matterhorn cable car (British English: tramway) station, named "Matterhorn Glacier Paradise" is the highest mountain lift terminal in Europe.
The Klein Matterhorn station can be reached from Zermatt by a cable car named "Matterhorn Express". The ride from Zermatt up to Klein Matterhorn is in 3 or 4 stages:
(3) Zermatt - Furi, Furi - Trockener Steg, Trockener Steg - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.
(4) Zermatt - Furi, Furi - Schwarzsee, Schwarzsee - Trockener Steg, Trockener Steg - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

Matternhorn lookout 3,883 m.

At the Klein Matterhorn peak, at an altitude of 3,883 meters, there is a panoramic platform.
From the Klein Matterhorn cable car station walk through the tunnel, in the middle of the tunnel take the elevator to the peak for the panoramic view.
On good weather conditions day, it is possible to see the Italian, French and Swiss Alps. The peak is above the Plateau Rosa Glacier and close to the famous Matterhorn.