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About us

Like other Instagram users, we love Instagram since the first day it runs on our mobile device. Maybe because being simplest social media or maybe because being so Insta.

Searching for photos on Instagram

The Instagram application provids two search options, either search for photos by user name or hashtag, searching by location is not provided. Finding pictures by location requires a 3rd party website or application that uses Instagram Application Programming Interface (API). One of the basic ways to use the API, is to pull and display photostream with photos tagged to a specific place.

What can be learned from pictures by location

We are curious to find what insights open when searching pictures by location?
Can photostream from a specific place, give a valuable or a unique information?
Few bloggers are trying to answer these questions, for example, Craig Sailor blog "Instagram great tool for before and after travel" wrote: "I could see where the locals eat, the "secret" waterfalls they visit and island social activities. It gave me an insight to the local scene that no website or book could ever hope to match. And, it was happening in real time."

About the site

To learn more, we decided to develop a website that will bring the views and atmosphere of a certain place using Instagram pictures. The Swiss Alps seemed to us as a perfect test case, it is a popular place and the beautiful views of the Alpine landscape will supply "eye-candies" photos.

Tagging photo with specific location in the Instagram application

The site provides a list of clickable locations from the Swiss Alps. Clicking on a location opens up streams of photos each tagged to a place nearby.
The views seen through the photos are spectacular, the dishes looks tasty and the people's smiles tell it all.
It looks like we succeed to bring the atmosphere of the Swiss alps to this site.
We believe that more things can be done using pictures by location. What do you think? Do you have more ideas?
If you would like to share with us your thoughts, please contact us.

Find photos with location anywhere you like

We added to our site a search tool to find pictures by location.
If you are curious to find out pictures tagged to certain location, try our web-based tool.
Search for Instagram photos by location using the following method:

  • Type any address or the location name.
  • Click anywhere on the map.
  • Request to find your location.