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Latest pictures from Mount Titlis


Klein Titlis station 3,020 meters

Mount Titlis is a (3,238 meters) mountain rising above Engelberg and is the highest mountain in the area.
The Klein Titlis station is located near the summit, to reach Klein Titlis from Engelberg, there is a need to use a 3 different cable cars (British English: tramway) over 4 stages.
The last part of the cable car ride is from Stand, to the Titlis summit, the highlight of the ride is that it is a rotating cable car (called the Titlis Rotair).

Titlis Cliff Walk

The Titlis Cliff Walk is a hanging bridge that was opened at the beginning of this year (2013).
At an altitude of 3,020 meters it is holding the record of being the heights hanging bridge in Europe.

Ice Flyer

The IceFlyer is a chair lift traveling over the glacier, sometimes simply called glacier chair lift.
The Ice Flyer takes the visitors from Klein Titlis station to the Titlis Glacier Park.