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Furkapass (English: Furka Pass) is a mountain pass road.
At the highest point of the pass, at a height of 2,436 meters, passes the border between canton of Uri and canton of Valais.
During the ride, on the Furka pass road, there are nice views of the Rhone Glacier (German: Rhonegletscher) and it is possible to stop and access the Rohan Glacier Ice Cave.
Down at the Valais side of the pass, at the tiny town of Gletsch, the Furka Pass road connects to the Grimsel Pass road.


On the Valais side of the Furka Pass, the road pass close to the Rhone Glacier (German: Rhonegletscher).
During the ride it is possible to get good views of Rhone Glacier and to stop for a walk into an ice cave that is cut in the glacier.

Ice Caves Rhone Glacier

The Rhone Glacier Ice cave is cut in the glacier every year, enabling the visitors to view the glacier from inside.
The entrace to the cave is close to the Hotel-Restaurant Bélvèdere.
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